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Mr. Claudio Garin

Mr. Claudio Garin is the Treasurer for ANNA.

Mr. Dan Kuhnel

Mr. Dan Kuhnel is the ANNA Chairman.

Mr. Uwe Meyer

Mr. Uwe Meyer is the Executive Director & ANNA Secretariat.

Mr. Torsten Ulrich

Mr. Torsten Ulrich is the Vice Chairman for ANNA.

Mr. Slawomir Zajac

Mr. Slawomir Zajac is the Executive Secretary of ANNA.

Ms. Emma Kalliomaki

Ms. Emma Kalliomaki is the Managing Director for ANNA. 

Mr. Stephan Dreyer

Mr. Stephan Dreyer is the Managing Director for ANNA. 

Ms. Laura Stanley

Ms. Laura Stanley is the Marketing Director for ANNA.

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