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Mr. Dan Kuhnel is the ANNA Chairman.

Dan Kuhnel is Chair of the Board at ANNA. Dan is also a Board member at the Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB), an organisation originally founded by ANNA and now working in collaboration with the industry as a fully automated global generator of ISINs, CFIs, and FISNs, for Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives. He has previously served as Chair of the ANNA Service Bureau. Dan is a Senior Director at Euroclear, responsible for Primary Market Relationship Management within Euroclear’s Commercial Division. Prior to this, Dan spent 11+ years working for Clearstream Banking Luxembourg as Senior Business Manager, responsible for the New Issues Operations Desk. Earlier in his career, Dan was also in charge of New Issues operations at Burns Fry Ltd. He is now an acting Director and member of the Management Committee of the International Capital Markets Services Association (ICMSA), chairing their Primary Market Committee. Dan also acts as the primary delegate of Euroclear Bank with the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA).

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