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ANNA/GLEIF win Award ‘Most Innovative Data Standards Initiative’ (A Team)

ANNA and GLEIF win ‘Most Innovative Data Standards Initiative’ at the A-Team
Innovation Awards 2021

For the initiative of linking ISINs and LEIs to aid the global financial industry

London, 25 March 2021 – The Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) today announce they have won the ‘Most innovative data standards initiative’ at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021.

Since launching the initiative, ANNA and GLEIF have worked to bring about increased harmony in the financial markets by promoting further standardisation and availability of essential data. The award recognises the achievement of ANNA and GLEIF’s successful initiative, which links International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) and Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for the benefit of the global financial industry. By bringing two ISO standards together, ISIN (ISO 6166) and LEI (ISO 17442), the issuer and the issued securities are linked together. Organizations are now able to aggregate data easily, improving their risk management and transparency of exposures.

To date, over 5.5 million ISINs have been linked to over 82,000 unique LEIs. There are currently 22 National Numbering Agencies (NNAs) who have opted into the initiative, with more to follow in the coming months. These linkages have been voluntarily provided by NNAs, with ISIN coverage across 44 jurisdictions. ISIN-to-LEI mapping data is published free of charge and it is available to everyone on the GLEIF website, alongside the entire LEI data pool which serves as a global directory to promote transparency.

Uwe Meyer, Executive Director & Secretariat, ANNA, said, “We are delighted to be recognised by A-Team for our joint initiative with GLEIF. This award is the result of all the hard work surrounding the ISIN-LEI initiative which launched a service to provide a daily consolidated file of ISIN to LEI linkages provided by the National Numbering Agencies.”

Stephan Wolf, CEO, GLEIF, said, “The ISIN-LEI mapping initiative has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2019. The service assists organisations in meeting regulatory reporting requirements and improves data aggregation required to strengthen the risk function’s capability to make judgements, gain efficiencies, reduce probability of losses and increase profitability.”

More information:

For a list of the NNA’s who have opted in to the ISIN-LEI initiative please visit ANNA’s ISIN – LEI page.

GLEIF’s ISIN-LEI file is available for download here.

Stephan Dreyer
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