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ANNA Service Bureau

ANNA Service Bureau (ASB): Single-point access to global identifiers

The ANNA Service Bureau (ASB) is a central data hub that has been collecting and enriching securities data from around the world since 2001. On a daily basis, the national numbering agencies feed new ISINs and CFIs as well as updates to existing data to the ASB.

The result is the most complete and current collection of ISINs and related data available in the world. This data is provided to the other numbering agencies, as well as non-members of ANNA such as financial services firms and financial data vendors.

The ASB was developed and is operated by ANNA partners CUSIP Global Services and SIX Financial Information.

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Recognition / Awards

Data Management Insight Awards 2023 - winner

Free ISIN Lookup

Through the Free ISIN Lookup Service, the descriptive elements outlined in ISO 6166 Standard as well as the classification codes and description codes of financial instruments are made available for use by the market. A limited number of records could in addition be downloaded.

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Subscription Service

Operating as a central hub of financial instrument identifier information, the ASB receives and consolidates ISINs and other standard identifiers contributed by a federated group of 120 national numbering agencies providing ISIN coverage across more than 220 jurisdictions. In addition to making this information available to numbering agencies, the ASB offers subscription data services for non-member market participants.

The current ASB SC membership includes includes the following members:

  • Claudio Garin, DCV, Chile (Chair)
  • Laura Stanley, London Stock Exchange, United Kingdom
  • Stephan Dreyer, ANNA
  • Iztok Klemenc, KDD – Central Securities Clearing Corporation, LLC, Slovenija
  • Joyce M Dlamini, Eswatini Stock Exchange, Eswatini
  • Houcine Iazzaouihda, Maroclear, Morocco
  • Catarina Marques, Clearstream Banking S.A., Luxembourg
  • Bjørn Crepaz, VP Securities, Interbolsa, Euronext VPS, Denmark, Portugal, Norway

ASB Supervisory Committee

The overarching responsibility of the ASB Supervisory Committee (ASB SC) is to monitor the management of the provision of the ASB services by the Contractors and determine the strategic direction for the ASB.

  • Stephan Dreyer, ANNA (Chair)
  • Agnieszka Zagrodzka, Euronext Dublin, Ireland
  • Anukrithi Priya, Euronext Dublin, Ireland
  • Hesham Mabrouk, MCDR, Egypt
  • Manoven Sadayen, Financial Services Commission, Mauritius
  • Maria del Carmen Garcia Martinez, CNMV, Spain
  • Nader Nabil, MCDR, Egypt
  • Taranjit Bhogal, London Stock Exchange Plc, United Kingdom
  • Ulrike Litterscheid, WM Datenservice, Germany
  • Jennifer Schürch, Six Financial, ASB Operators
  • Manuel Alonso, Six Financial, ASB Operators
  • Darren Purcell, CUSIP Global Services, ASB Operators
  • Charles Freda, CUSIP Global Services, ASB Operators

ASB Advisory Committee

The overarching responsibility of the ASB Advisory Committee (ASB AC) is to provide governance over all activities necessary for the day to day running of the ASB, change management, and development overview of the ASB.

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