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Q&A Interview with Cristina Ribó Sörensen

 Q&A with Cristina Ribó Sörensen
Q&A with Cristina Ribó Sörensen

The Association of National Numbering Agencies recently appointed a new Board Director, Cristina Ribó Sörensen, on behalf of Spain’s National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV). Cristina spoke to the ANNA General Meeting this June and has identified that she is looking forward to promoting ANNA´s activities, particularly in the digital assets sector. Good governance and the harmonisation and interoperability of data standards were also flagged as priorities. We are also grateful that Cristina has taken some time to speak to ANNA for this newsletter, to share her views more widely with those who were unable to attend the General Meeting in London.

Questions for the New Director

Q: Why did you take on the role of Director of ANNA, and what experience can you bring?

Since becoming an ANNA member, I have been proactively participating in General Meetings and discovered that not only was it fruitful for the NNAs, and, thus, for our markets, but I also enjoyed participating. ANNA´s traditional and current mission is challenging, interesting, and a necessary goal to provide the financial sector with a set of updated data information without which business cannot run properly nowadays. On top of that, diversity among board members is crucial not only to address NNA issues but also to understand current and future market developments. Through my appointment, I can bring in a new perspective of a regulator. 

Q: What impressed you most about ANNA?

ANNA has always been a member association. It started with approximately 25 members and now, after thirty years, has over 100 members. ANNA provides a service to the financial market across the world as the ISO registration authority for the ISIN and FISN standards as well as delivery of the CFI. However, ANNA has not stopped here. The Association provides other valuable information, such as the linkage ISIN-LEI, and soon will start providing another ISO standard, the UPI, through the DSB. ANNA is engaged with the market and policymakers and continues exploring areas of new services to provide.

Q: What are the priorities for ANNA in the next few years and the longer-term ambitions?

Without any doubt, ANNA, like any other provider, must set an annual /long-term strategy to run its activity to serve industry. The evolution and revolution we are experiencing (big data, AI, digital assets…) must be considered. Acquiring knowledge through diverse platforms and groups with stakeholders and regulators and focusing on future standards should be at the core of ANNA´s management and activity for the coming years.

Q: How can standards help the financial industry?

Standards are essential and unavoidable in the current financial context. Volume, diversity, data speed and other sets of information make international standards the only way to leverage business. Standards are a common, harmonised, open source, robust and easy-to-implement language for all stakeholders regardless of their role; for infrastructures, firms, investors, supervisors, and data providers.

Q: The NNAs make up ANNA. What message do you have for the NNAs?

ANNA was founded by some NNAs, and soon other NNAs joined. This successful association is because ANNA is a common platform where doubts and difficulties are addressed to help all members, irrespective of the issue (technical, formal, novelty…). I would encourage NNAs to take advantage of this tool as requestors and providers of assistance. Sharing doubts and solutions is enriching.

Q: We have recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the ISIN and the 30th of ANNA. Why do you think ANNA is so successful as a standards association?

As I mentioned, ANNA has always maintained its mission and has never changed it, notwithstanding its adaptation to the financial ecosystem. This respect and loyalty from members of different counties, different maturity of their markets and different patterns and ways of trading to the ISO standards have consolidated ANNA as a sound institution. Stakeholders consider ANNA as a reliable source of information.

Thank you, Christina, for taking the time to answer our newsletter questions. We look forward to hearing more from you in 2023!

Amanda Orchard
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