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Awards win - "Best Standards Solution for Data Management"

ANNA wins ‘Best Standards Solution for Data Management’ at the A-Team Data Management Insight Awards Europe 2023

30th November 2023, 4pm, London – The Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA), a
global association dedicated to the support of efficient capital markets through the use of widely
embraced International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards, today announced that they
have won ‘Best Standards Solution for Data Management’ at the A-Team Data Management Insight
Awards Europe 2023.

ANNA has been working with financial data standards for over thirty years, and the International
Securities Identification Number (ISIN) has been used for over forty years as a globally adopted,
common language of financial instrument processing, bringing international interoperability to the
markets. The ANNA Service Bureau (ASB), recognised by this award, is operated jointly by CUSIP
Global Services (CGS) and SIX, and is a central data hub enriching securities data from around the
world since 2001. For over two decades, it has been helping market participants with data integrity
in a world with ever increasing transaction volumes and associated risk. The ASB covers a
comprehensive suite of financial standards, receiving and consolidating ISINs, FISNs, CFIs and LEIs
and associated data contributed by a federated group of 120 National Numbering Agencies (NNAs),
and providing coverage across more than 200 jurisdictions.

Stephan Dreyer, ANNA MD, said, “It has been a busy year for ANNA, particularly for the recent
implementations of the ISIN revision introducing new data elements, and for the current work of the
ASB. The ASB has the most complete and current collection of ISINs and related data available
worldwide, containing data for more than 104 million ISINs.  We thank the A-Team and those who
voted for us for the recognition, and are looking forward to 2024, where we will continue to look for
other ways to bring increased transparency and interoperability to the market through the use of
financial standards.”

Angela Wilbraham, CEO at A-Team Group, and host of the 2 nd annual Data Management Insight
Awards Europe 2023, commented, “These awards recognise both established solution vendors and
innovative newcomers providing leading data management solutions, services and consultancy to
capital markets participants across Europe. Our congratulations go to ANNA for winning Best
Standards Solution for Data Management.”

For information about ANNA, its members and activities, please visit

Amanda Orchard

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