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¿Cuál es el papel de ANNA?

In this short clip in Spanish, ANNA’s Board Member Claudio Garin explains the organisation’s role as the Registration Authority for two ISO standards – #ISIN and #FISN – and the responsibilities of its members to their local jurisdictions.

With more than 100 members and partners, as an organisation ANNA enables its role in the financial market by working closely with the National Numbering Agencies (NNAs).

Governance is managed through a Board of 5 directors elected by the members with voting rights. NNAs are divided in regional groups with one designated board member as convenor to assist them with their needs and at the same time promote our role in assigning ISINs to the different asset classes issued in each jurisdiction in accordance with ISO standards.

The regional groups ALARG (Latin America), APARG (Asia Pacific)  and AMERG (Africa & Middle East) coordinate and discuss regional topics of interest and help members and partners. They report the results of their meetings regularly.

Today, more than ever, data quality and reliable information in a global landscape is a key element for the different players in the capital market, thus we have been working to improve the technical capabilities and SLA´s for users, interacting with local NNAs to meet the standards. New tools and infrastructure upgrades will be available by the end of the year including validations, enhancement processing, increased functionalities and reporting for our members.

Stephan Dreyer
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