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What is ANNA’s Role? [Arabic]

Sarah Tarawneh, from the Securities Depository Center of Jordan, explains ANNA’s role as the Registration Authority for two ISO standards – #ISIN and #FISN – and the responsibilities of its members to their local jurisdictions.

ANNA is the registration authority for two ISO standards, ISIN according to ISO 6166, and FISN according to ISO 18774, ANNA’s objective is to provide guidance around the implementation and the adoption of the standards, and ensure that the standards are maintained and evolved for market use.

This is done through ongoing, collaborative work with market participants, regulators, other standards bodies and National numbering agencies. The national numbering agencies are responsible for the allocation and maintenance of ISIN,FISN and CFI codes in the region according to the respective international standards.

They are designated by the local jurisdictions and consist of stock exchanges, central securities depositories, central banks, regulators and data vendors. Currently there are 98 full members with voting rights and 18 partners who have not yet transitioned into full membership. You can find out more about ANNA’s members here.

Stephan Dreyer
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