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The Association of National Numbering Agencies appoints new Director Confirmed at ANNA’s General Meeting, London, 15th & 16th June 2023

London, 21st June 2023 – The Association of National Numbering Agencies, ANNA, a global association dedicated to the support of efficient capital markets through the use of widely embraced International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards, announced today that it has appointed a new Board Director of ANNA, CNMV of Spain, represented by Cristina Ribó Sörensen. This was confirmed at ANNA’s General Meeting in London, 15th & 16th June 2023.

Cristina Ribó Sörensen will take a position as one of ANNA’s Directors on behalf of Spain’s National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV), replacing the seat on the ANNA board held by Euroclear SA/NV’s Dan Kuhnel, who is departing after 18 years as Chair of the ANNA Board. Following elections at ANNA’s General Meeting, a new Chair was also selected. Torsten Ulrich of WM Datenservice, currently serving as Vice-chair, will take up the post.

On 14 June, preceding the General Meeting, an “ANNA Meets the Market” event was organised by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). The event was an opportunity for local market participants and ANNA Members to connect. It included a speech by David Harris, Head of Sustainable Finance Strategic Initiatives at LSE, a panel session on digital assets with participants from R3, ICMA, ANNA, DTIF, and LSE, with presentations by ICMA on their Bond Data Taxonomy initiative, and a panel discussion on the evolution of standards with members of the ANNA Board. 

During the General Meeting, there was also a speech given by Jamie Bell, Head of Secondary Market Oversight at the FCA. Updates on reports from Working Groups, Task Forces and Regional Groups were provided, specifically on ISO standards and ISO Committee activities, highlighting the progress made in the standard identification of digital assets within local markets. Breakout sessions included insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with adopting digital assets and how they are experienced in various local marketplaces. They also exchanged experiences and best practices among participants regarding challenges in harmonisation. 

Cristina Ribó Sörensen, ANNA’s new Director, said: “I am honoured to be elected as a member of ANNA´s Board and look forward to working with such a high calibre team. I look forward to promoting ANNA´s activities, particularly in the digital assets sector. Good governance and the harmonisation and interoperability of data standards will also be priorities as we continue working with NNAs to further improve everything we do for industry.”

Torsten Ulrich, ANNA’s new Chair, said: “I would like to extend a huge thank you to ANNA’s former Chair, Dan Kuhnel, who, without his service, ANNA would not be the organisation it is today. His strong leadership has provided the foundation for ANNA to grow and evolve into a successful association as markets rapidly transform and become more complex. I look forward to my new role as Chair, improving global financial standards and working closely with NNAs to achieve extended interoperability and better data quality.

Dan Kuhnel, ANNA’s departing Chair, said: “I would like to thank the ANNA management team, Board and members for all their years of support. I extend my sincere best wishes for ANNA’s continued success. I know that the new appointments have put ANNA in a strong position to continue the important role that both it and its members play in the global capital markets and the world of standards.”

Amanda Orchard

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